Imagine you are a Casting Director watching dozens of Actor’s reels late into the night. What is going to catch your eye? What will make you sit up and take notice? A self taped scene or monologue with poor production values, perhaps one of many?

A scene with multiple Actors in which you’re not really sure which Actor is the person auditioning because they appear only once in a while?

Now ask yourself, how about a scene YOU star in? A well written, compelling scene directed with finesse featuring gorgeous cinematography. THAT’S how you get noticed and THAT’s why we’re here. We make sure your on screen presence in your Actor’s Reel is the very best it can be.

Here’s how it works:

-you choose a script up to 4 pages long, either a monologue or a scene that can be shot in one location in one day. Scenes or “sides” can be downloaded from the internet for free. Or you can do a favorite scene from the movies. We can also provide an original script for you subject to availability.

-we shoot the scene using high end (RED Digital Cinema or LEICA SL) cameras, sound and lighting equipment.

-then we edit your Actor’s Reel in our Adobe Premiere editing studio and, if you want, we will put the scene together with other scenes you have available to make a reel. We will put titles in the video and include still photos or screen captures.

-we charge only $250 for all this. You can also include one or two Acting friends depending on the demands of the scene so you can split the costs with them and everyone gets a copy of the scene. If your Acting partners also want a personalized Actor’s Reel we can do that for an extra charge of $100 each.

My usual day rate for shooting and editing fiction movies

is $350 so $250 is a great deal. I am an award winning veteran Cinematographer, Director and Editor.

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We also offer special prices on Actor’s Head Shots & Portraits. Click here: Just Shoot Me (Photography)

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Scenes from “JUST A HUG”