Danny McIvor Bio

Coming across a movie  company on location at age 12 in the small village of Caulfeild on Canada’s west coast,  Danny watched in fascination as the magic of making a motion picture was unveiled before him.

“I sat on a small hill overlooking the set, skipping school for three days only going home at the end of the school day to check in then running back down to the set until dinner time. It was only when the school Principal called to find out if I was sick that my absence was discovered by my parents who were not pleased. But it was worth it because then and there I knew for sure what I wanted to do with my life”.

His first movies were made with a borrowed 8mm film camera and the neighborhood kids and once out of school Danny worked as an Assistant Film Cameraperson and also shot and Directed television programs for a local Vancouver TV station.

At age 20 Danny moved to Toronto and accepted a job with the News and Documentary Unit of the CBC Television Network where he learned various production skills- location sound recording, video editing and documentary cinematography. He traveled the world making documentaries for CBC. His assignments included covering the civil wars in Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador.

After leaving CBC to strike out on his own, Danny became a freelance Cinematographer and Editor, moving to Rio de Janeiro Brazil where he worked on various TV commercials for Brazilian television and Music Videos as well as shooting documentaries for CBS, BBC, NBC, CBC and CNN.

After a
couple of years Danny was invited to work full time for CNN covering all of South America for the network. He has shot, edited and directed over 100 documentary films in his career, winning Emmy and Gemini awards for his work.

After 10 years in Rio Danny returned to Toronto and started Miramac Productions and for over a decade has provided clients with high end advertising and promotional video content for TV and the Web. He also decided to return to his first love, making fiction motion pictures.

In 2010 Danny became a founding member of Toronto Actors, Writers and Filmmakers (AWF), at the time the largest group of independent movie-makers in Canada. He acted as Cinematographer and Editor on over two dozen movies in various capacities- Cinematographer/Director & Editor.

In 2015 Danny started the Toronto Indie Movie Support Group on Facebook now with over 3,000 members. he also co-hosts a monthly live networking event for Actors, Directors, Producers, Screenwriters, production and technical crews who make up the Toronto Independent movie community. He also organized the 1st Annual TIMSG screening event showing movies produced by the TIMSG membership including THE TIME BETWEEN.

In 2017 Danny created JUST SHOOT ME a new photography service from miramac productions offering head shots, portraits advertising and fashion photography

He owns and operates the RED Digital Cinema camera, a Leica SL Hybrid camera as well as a full Adobe CC EDIT SUITE. Danny resides in Toronto Canada and can be reached by email at:               Contact                                                              

Being greeted by victorious Sandinista Liberation Army soldiers hours after the fall of Managua during the Nicaraguan civil war. Danny, 2nd from left, covered the war for CBC National News