I started Directing right out of the gate, when I began making movies as a kid. Back then I had to do it all, out of necessity- Writing, Directing, Cinematography & Editing. But when I started telling stories with a camera professionally it was one job at a time and I concentrated on the Cinematography and Post Production. But when I left CBC and headed to South America as a Freelancer in the 1990’s I again found myself doing all three jobs, although rarely on the same project. It wasn’t until I was hired by CNN to open their South America News Bureau in Rio de Janeiro that I was once again Directing as well as Shooting and Editing- what turned out to be over 100 documentaries during my 10 year career with the network.

But, my first love has always been fiction movies and I have spent the last ten years Directing many projects, from feature films to shorts, music videos and advertising videos. If you need a Director on your fiction project I will guide your movie from script to screen efficiently and with style giving you the biggest bang for your movie making buck. My Directing is informed by my many years as an Editor and Cinematographer guaranteeing you'll get the coverage you need in post. Also, I’ve been Directing Actors, professional and non professional, for decades. Be sure to watch my Cinematography/Directing reel here: Cinematography/Directing Reel