We are delighted to announce we have purchased the latest in hybrid camera technology. The Leica SL is considered the finest camera in its class. Legendary German optical engineering combines with state of the art sensor and recording technology to bring to the screen images that can proudly stand beside Arri & RED motion picture cameras. Breathtaking moving images enhanced by the world’s finest Leica lenses and recorded on the ATOMOS SHOGUN outboard recorder in 4K L LOG will make your movies look like you spent a fortune on Cinematography for a price you CAN afford.

We also offer images made on the RED Digital Cinema Camera which shoots beautiful 4.5K RAW images ready for broadcast or exhibition on a theater screen. PL Zoom comes standard- PL Primes available

As well as the RED and the LEICA cameras

we offer our clients the following:

-Dollys- Floor and 12 to 24 ft multi level slider

-Field Monitor

-DIT Station- MacBook Pro/Caldigit Drives

-12 light kit- LED/Tungsten/Florescent

-Car Mount-  Side & hood

-Audio Equipment Body mics/Sennheiser shotgun

-Grip Equipment

-ADOBE Creative Cloud Editing

(see below)

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We also offer full Mac Pro/Adobe Creative Cloud Editing, Special EFX using Adobe After Effects and deliverables made to order on DVD, Memory Stick  or uploaded to the site of your choice.

With over 30 years behind the camera you won’t find this combination of equipment & experience for less money in Toronto/GTA.  Specializing in Indie Fiction Movies.