I learned basic editing by doing it- cutting my own movies with razor and glue as a pre-teen. But it wasn’t until I became a news and documentary Editor at CBC Network Television in Toronto that I learned from the best, including some of the most famous powerhouse documentary Journalists & Producers in Canada. Later, as a freelancer, I moved into advertising and fiction movie production and, as well as shooting and sometimes directing projects, I, more often than not, also did the post production. I really believe it is the heart and soul of movie making. My post production knowledge and experience also inform my work as a Director & Cinematographer and, vice-versa.

I use the full ADOBE CC software suite including the latest Editing, EFX, Photoshop, Lightroom, Audio Post, Illustration, and DVD Authoring programs & more.

“Shooting movies on location is like picking tomatoes. It isn’t until you get into the editing suite that you make the soup”