We are seeking a Producer and/or Funding for the following movie projects. Please contact me if you would like to join the team that brings these ideas off the page and onto the screen.

All stories by Danny McIvor

“A” List Actress Sandrine Sauvage becomes a recluse after the accidental death of her only child. Years later old friend Director Vincent Fournier coaxes her take a come-back role in a movie he has written just for her. But a short time after filming begins Sandrine is fired from the project. Holed up in a run down hotel near the location Sandrine is in her room drinking heavily and trying desperately to reach out for help, with no luck. But things change when she is paid a visit by the younger, star struck Actress who has been hired (unbeknownst to Sandrine) to replace her in the movie. (DRAMA - SHORT)

In the Summer of 1969 while on a camping trip with friends teen Cindy encounters a space-time warp while walking alone in the forest. She is instantly catapulted through time arriving at the very place she left only in 2018- 49 years later. As she discovers the new world of the future those who come in contact with her get a glimpse of their world through her eyes and learn just how much  society has gained....and lost in a half century. (COMEDY- FEATURE)

Stripper Cherry Cohn is made an offer she can't refuse when she is forced to pay off her no good fiance's debt to the mob by becoming a Disney princess who moves in next door to the crime boss's granddaughter, a chronically ill, princess obsessed 5 year old. But before the streetwise Cherry can enchant the little girl a "Fairy Godmother" is brought in to smooth out the rough edges and teach her all about how to be a "real" Princess. Turns out Henry Higgins had it easy! (COMEDY- FEATURE)

A group of Hollywood’s most famous “HEAVIES” are traveling to a remote mountain movie location on a chartered bus when a landslide closes the highway forcing them to overnight in a roadside motel. We soon see these Actors are nothing like the bad guys they play on screen. But when a group of local toughs arrives and starts harassing the kindly woman who owns the motel, she begs the Actors to help get rid of them by playing some of the roles that made them famous. (COMEDY- FEATURE )

In the small town of Olinda on Brazil’s east coast the young Father Gilson Coelho is just beginning his first assignment as a Parish Priest. But he soon finds almost all his Catholic congregation has stopped coming to his 150 year old run down church and instead have joined the local Evangelical temple down the street with it’s raucous singing and dancing and born again souls rolling in the aisles led by a charismatic and somewhat shifty “Bishop” Fernando. Fearing he would not last long as the town’s only Catholic Priest if he can’t get bums in the seats he asks his cousin, a Hollywood Special Effects Technician to lend him a hand. The result not only fills his church but literally brings the world to his doorstep. (BLACK COMEDY - FEATURE)