Dark Sunrise is a feature film shot in a remote, rural location, no handy stores to dash to for forgotten equipment or extra cables. We had a tiny crew, no production assistants, everyone had to multitask. Over the 17 day shoot we had difficult locations, cars, mosquito filled woods, floating docks on a lake, stooped in a cramped attic. Some nights we wrapped at 1 or 2am so that Danny had at least an hour more of equipment break down and transfers to do. A 4am rise and shine so he could get the light just right at sunrise. None of this phased Danny, he took it all in stride. His depth of experience was such that he knew how to tackle each shot location. He thought through every piece of equipment needed for each shot, from car mounts to 10 foot sliders. He had back ups for back ups. But getting the shot created with a bank of lights illuminating the woods through wisps of smoke, or the shot with the pre dawn purple in the sky, or the creepy barn with the smokey light filtering through the cracks is what Danny is all about. Thanks Danny.    Hilary Phillips, Director- Dark Sunrise

I feel so fortunate to have worked on projects where Danny McIvor was the Cinematographer and Editor! His experience and expertise have consistently made the projects we’ve worked on come together beautifully and seamlessly! I attribute the Excellent Quality of his workmanship to our obtaining Worldwide Distribution and numerous Awards in Film Festivals around the world for our work!

If you’re looking for a Cinematographer with a keen eye and the expertise to make a project great... don’t hesitate to call on him!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 

Liz Taylor, Actress/Director/Producer/President Wild-Maple Films

I first worked with Danny on the award-winning short film Taking Possession.  He was the film’s cinematographer as well as its editor. 

His cinematography speaks for itself.  Danny helped create several gorgeous and compelling images for the film.  His knowledge of light and framing are key to the creation of (yes, I know it’s a cliché) “every frame a painting”.  His years of experience behind the camera are both apparent and highly beneficial to getting the desired shot.

And unlike a sayonara-once-you-drive-the-car-off-the-lot salesperson, Danny does not cut ties with you following the last shot or final edit.  Once Taking Possession (or TakPo as ‘twas affectionately named) was “in the can”, Danny was always eager to assist in multiple edits as well as creating any DVDs or Blu-Rays necessary for the film’s submission into festivals. 

I’m pleased to say that, with Danny’s help, TakPo has been accepted to screen at various film festivals across the country and around the world.

If any of you have projects (and if you’re reading this, I know you do),

Danny McIvor is a priceless resource.

Peter Campbell, Head of Development, Spiced Reality Productions

Director, Producer, Writer – Taking Possession

I have worked with Danny McIvor as a Cinematographer, Director and Editor. Over our many projects, we have worked from morning until late in the evening because Danny doesn't finish a project until it meets his high standards. And no one is more enjoyable to work with than Danny; his enthusiasm for the film business is contagious. If you are making a film - call Danny.

Richard Periard, Producer THE PRETTIEST KATE an Actra/Co-op Production

Danny McIvor has acted as Cinematographer and Editor on three of the music videos that I've produced over the past several years. His work is exemplary. He is professional, talented, and an absolute pleasure to work with. He shows tremendous enthusiasm for every project he embarks on, and pays remarkable attention to detail. Whether it's a film, music video, commercial that you're planning to produce, you'll be thrilled with the finished product. His work is simply beautiful. ~ Diana Goldman- Actor/Producer

I first worked with the amazingly talented Danny McIvor as the Cinematographer and Editor of the short film, “The Last Decision.” Danny made the experience run so smoothly. His skill as a Cinematographer is unparalleled. He is the consummate professional. He is always ready to go, and willing to do whatever the shot requires, no matter how long it takes to get the coverage that is needed. He also has a very calm demeanor and has the perfect type of positive energy that everyone loves to have on a set. His enthusiasm for making films is infectious.

For all of those reasons, when I decided to make my own short film, “Preconceived Perception,” I immediately thought of Danny as my Cinematographer. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else. I wrote the film and I directed it, and I needed someone I could trust to take my vision and capture it on a camera. Danny instantly came to mind. Danny was so easy and comfortable to work with. We had an awesome rapport, so we were always on the same page, and everything ran like clockwork. We not only got all of the coverage I needed, we even got extra. He also suggested many solutions to problems that we encountered as we were filming the movie.

He is so industrious and ingenious. He would use whatever was available at hand and come up with the most creative shots.  However, the most significant thing is how willing he was to help me make my film a reality, because he loves the creative process so much and he wants to finish a project with a quality film. I wouldn’t have a film today if it weren’t for him. I am eternally grateful to him, and I can’t thank him enough for all of his phenomenal, hard work. He also edited the film with me. He is an awesome Editor! He literally does everything related to making films, and the results are extraordinary. I love working with him so much. I would highly, highly recommend working with him on any project. He is the absolute best!- Shannon Mara Teemull Writer/Director/Producer

Danny takes the heavy lifting out of filmmaking. I’ve made half a dozen short films and a web series with him over half a decade, and he’s super easy to work with and willing to accommodate even the smallest request. Just these attributes alone make him a unique character in this industry; yet he has way more going for him than that.

He comes onto a film set with 30+ years of experience that he draws upon when it matters most—saving production time and money. Danny is also an artisan of lighting, matching the right mood and atmosphere to each scene. It’s nothing shy of incredible, as are his instincts at editing film, managing footage, matching action and blending audio from one shot to another, making both the production and post-production processes highly enjoyable. He's the full package, and this is why I love to work with him. And so will you.

Drew Tapley Screenwriter, Director & Producer Dreamfeed Communications

Working with Danny is an absolute pleasure. The first thing you get is 30 YEARS experience behind the camera. If you don’t take advantage of that you’re missing out on a fantastic opportunity to make your project better. If he says, “I want to show you something,” chances are you’re going to love the suggestion. I know I did. He really knows his camera and gear. He can light anything and give you exactly what you want. Not only does he come with a plethora of experience, he comes equipped! I didn’t have to rent a single piece of equipment for my film thanks to Danny. I made the right choice in hiring Danny as my cinematographer because he made the film better. Not only did he give me a great looking and sounding film, he also edited it. I got to sit right beside him in his editing suite and work with him to get exactly what I wanted. I am thrilled with the outcome and it’s in large part thanks to Danny’s experience and expertise. I know exactly who I’ll turn to for my next film. IAN O’Neill Screenwriter/Director- HEAVY LOSSES

Having Danny McIvor on board was unquestionably a great decision. Danny brings a world-class work ethic, sensibility and proficiency to any movie production, putting the odds in favor of a successful outcome.

From the moment I contacted Danny about helping me with my short comedy ‘Love Thongs’, I knew I could trust my instincts that he was the perfect person for the job of Cinematography and Editing beyond the fact that he comes with decades of experience, has an incredible work ethic and brings along all the gear we would need for the busy shooting schedule. 

Apart from his proficiency, Danny arrived at our first meeting with a copy of my script already color-coded with shot details we could review together. This was the moment I knew I could relax about my expectations and was confident about the shoot because Danny was there throughout the process, including visiting locations, offering his insight into how practical they would be for our preferred camera angles and set ups and bringing along appropriate gear to help keep costs down. 

Danny was also the editor, which was the perfect combination since his own shot list was designed keeping in mind how the movie would be edited together in post. In the editing suite, we had all the shots and scenes we needed to put together the little gem of a short movie called ‘Love Thongs’ and I am very grateful to have had Danny and his expertise by my side during the whole process. Love Thongs was shot on Danny’s own Red Camera and the rich textured and detailed images were a thrill to see.

Without hesitation, I would check Danny McIvor’s availability for my next shoot. Carlo Essagian  - Director Producer Writer “LOVE THONGS”





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